Enerspec is dedicated to helping homebuilders and homeowners make good decisions when either building or renovating. With 30 years in the construction industry (the last 10+ with one of Canada’s leading energy efficient builders) and thousands of successful builds, it was about time to share the experience.

Having spent the last number of years focused on energy efficiency and sustainable building, it became clear that the construction industry needed a service like this. Not content to just take your data and give you a label, Enerspec wants to be a partner in your build. You need feedback and a managed, consistent, and proven method to improve the way your project is delivered. Since we started it has been amazing to see how quickly things can turn around. 

There is a misconception that building sustainably is expensive, it has been our experience that it is one of the most affordable options you can add to a home. People also think it is complicated, let us show you how easy it can be.

The industry is changing, there are new building codes that bring challenges and potential unintended consequences. We are here to help you negotiate these successfully.

It is our core belief that it shouldn’t cost a fortune to build better, we will tailor a program to whatever budget you have. Times are tough, cost shouldn’t stop you from building better!