Building science involves the control of Heat Flow, Moisture Flow, and Air Flow. With the changing landscape around the building code, builders are going to be challenged even more to stay ahead of the code while avoiding any unintentional consequences. Enerspec offers practical and tried solutions to the problems builders face currently and will face in the future. We take pride in being a cost-effective way to manage these issues. We have a multitude of tools to diagnose problems and offer solutions including modeling, airtightness testing and Infrared Thermography. Chances are we’ve solved the problem you’re just experiencing. We will work with your trades & suppliers to resolve the issues quickly and economically.

Many builders want to take a step past just energy efficiency. For those, we offer consulting for success in the Built Green Program. It’s a lot easier than you think and there are concrete rewards for your clients. Many of our clients succeed in the program with little or no cost. A few hours and you’re on your way.

Energy efficiency is now in the public forum. Is your team ready to answer the questions customers have professionally and accurately? This short course is designed to get your team up to speed on what people are asking and what questions should really be asked. Your staff will be more prepared to deal with potential clients with the right answers.