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what we do

We Are A Full Service Energy Consulting Firm

Since 2017, Enerspec Consulting has guided both residential builders and individual homeowners on energy efficiency and sustainability. A leader in the industry, Enerspec provides detailed analysis with actionable suggestions to improve energy usage. By taking the data found, Enerspec can find solutions that lead to lower energy costs, more comfort at home, and a brighter future for tomorrow.


Options to improve efficiency in your home, while saving money through government incentives and programs.



Residential builders, condo boards, and real estate investors all have unique challenges and opportunities to consider.



If you need something more unique, have a concern in your home, or need an expert to train your sales staff, Enerspec is here.


Who we are

A Trusted Source for Energy Analysis

Our President and Lead Energy Analyst Dave Turnbull has over 30 years of experience in the construction and energy sector. Prior to Enerspec, Dave worked for a large master builder company known for its energy-efficient construction and sustainability as a primary goal. He is currently both a Director Emeritus and Technical Advisor to the Board of Built Green Canada. In this role, Dave consults on best practices for determining sustainable and green building.

Save Big With Government Programs

With multiple programs constantly cycling in and out of rotation, we know how hard it is to find the one that fits your needs and your home. Enerspec is excited to find a program that’s right for you.

How Do You Know If You Need a Consultation?

At Enerspec, we receive a lot of calls with energy questions and concerns. Many are from homeowners, uncertain if they need an energy evaluation. Do any of these sound like you? Here are a few examples of common reasons someone needs an energy audit:

Living in a home that has cold spots or drafts

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Brrrr! A cold spot or draft in your home can indicate energy loss. If your home has spaces that are colder than others, or if you experience breezes with all windows closed, it is a sure sign you should get an energy audit.

Taking advantage of government programs

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Let’s save! Enerspec Energy loves to help guide  homeowners through the process of taking advantage of local, provincial, or federal government energy efficiency programs. We are so passionate about you saving we created a tool to help determine which program is perfect for you.

Builders looking to secure an EnerGuide rating

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Enerspec works with many home builders, from large scale production builders all the way to curated custom builders.

EnerGuide ratings help homeowners understand your energy efficiency with it’s easy to use rating system. Show off your efforts towards energy efficient construction and build trust in your brand.

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Enerspec Energy Consulting is a proud affiliate of Pals Geomatics Corp.