Basic Service

This is a basic service for receiving an EnerGuide label from Natural Resources Canada. A Qualified Energy Advisor will:

  • Attend the customer’s home
  • Take measurements of the building envelope and assess components
  • Record all windows
  • Record all mechanical systems
  • Record any renewable energy systems
  • Perform an airtightness test
  • Perform an exhaust devices depressurization test
  • Provide homeowner with relevant publication from Natural Resources Canada
  • Explain the contents of the Homeowner Information Sheet from Natural Resources Canada
  • Model the home in Hot 2000 a proprietary program from Natural Resources Canada
  • Submit files to for quality review
  • Provide Homeowner with EnerGuide Label, Homeowner’s Information Sheet, Guide to the EnerGuide Label for Homes

Basic Service plus:

  • Identify air leakage points during airtightness test
  • Discuss planned upgrades with Homeowner
  • Determine potential for Energy Efficiency upgrades including those discussed with Homeowner
  • Apply house-as-a-system concept to propose & prioritize upgrade recommendations in the form of a roadmap.
  • Provide homeowner with a report.
  • Airtightness test after renovations
  • If the building envelope is altered during the renovation, extra modelling charges will apply